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Slick Stick™ Double Pack
Nicola Cattanach
I’ve still not received it

Parcel still not here

Great product

Love using this product to help maintain my frizzy hair on a daily basis. Love the slick look it creates :)


I struggle with alopeica, my hair is growing back slowly which gives me fly aways, slick stick helps to cover my patches and smooth my fly aways- highly recommend I am upto my 4th tube :)

Slick stick

I love it, it’s so cool and makes my hair look so clean and nice when it’s up


I am in love with this magical little tube. I took it to my sisters 21st and I swear I spent half the night fixing everyone’s hair with it 😂 and it smells AMAZING!!! also big big love that there is no crunchiness! My hair still feels super soft after using it too which is the best 🫶🏻

Little life saver

I have so many split ends that i have a frizz halo most mornings this stick is a life saver as it makes me look tidier for work and doesnt make me look look like i just woke up!

Slick Stick™ Single Pack

Magic Stick

Absolutely loved the Slick Stick.
It smoothed down all my post baby hairs easily and without leaving my hair hard or oily.
It lives in my handbag for any last minute touch ups while I'm out and about.
Game changer 100/10

Second time purchase

I can’t get enough of this! This is my second time ordering & since I loved my first bottle I had to order the double pack to keep myself stocked up! Will repurchase again and again 10/10

Slick Stick™ Single Pack

Great product

Healthy Hair Masque
Tiana Mammone
Loved it!

Amazing for tape extensions

Slick Stick™ Double Pack

Slick stick

Have been delighted with Slick stick. Works particularly well on my fine fly away hair. Have recently purchased double pack for my mother who has thick curly hair, looking forward to see if she has similar results.


This is absolutely life changing! Say goodbye to those annoying fly always you get when trying to achieve the slick look. The slick stick puts those bad boys into place and doesn’t leave your hair feeling crusty!
100% recommend

Baby hairs gone!

Absolutely loved this product, all of my baby hairs on my hair line were able to be all slicked back nice & easy after putting my hair in a high pony tail! Definitely recommend this product, it is a handbag essential!


Lov it

slick stick

works well great product

Slick stick

Great when first applied but I find that as the day goes on, my hair starts to fall out again in the same places. It is good to fix fly away hairs after a blowdry but in regards to holding back hair in a ponytail I don't feel like it lasts long.

Love the slick stick and how it does what it says it will do . Doesn't leave your hair greasy or hard definitely a huge fan

Slick Stick™ Triple Pack
Eimear Kwaijtaal
Love it

I bought this for my daughter and me…it really works! Can highly recommend 🙏🏻

Slick Stick™ Triple Pack
Charlotte Akopian
Pretty good… would buy on special

It does ok. Definitely tidies any thin fly aways but find that after about an our my hair does fall out again. I would buy again when on sale because it does make you look tidy when you first leave the house

Slick stick

I bought this for my daughter, worked brilliantly


This has been a total life saver and works on my sons Afro hair